Right up to the day I published Sing My Name, I waffled about where to end it. My final decision was to have the ending be when Matt first takes Sarah to their new home.

However, some part of me always argued for an Afterword that had Matt and Sarah confronting Carter Macauley one more time. After some thought, I decided to make a note in the published book that such an Afterword would be available here.

Unless you have read Sing My Name, this Afterword will make no sense to you at all, but if you have read the book and wanted this additional chapter, here it is.

Download the Afterword to  Sing My Name in prc format (for Kindle and other MobiPocket ereaders):

Afterword.prc Afterword.prc
Size : 14.418 Kb
Type : prc

Download the Afterword to Sing My Name in pdf format (for Adobe Acrobat):

Afterword.pdf Afterword.pdf
Size : 81.905 Kb
Type : pdf

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