Before the final editing of Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold, I included what I called the Latimer Chapter. In the end I deleted the entire chapter because Eyes was already long (118,000 words, 406 pages for the paperback), and any 2,600-word chapter had to be necessary to the story. While the Latimer Chapter gave good insight into Cord and Anne Bennett and their relationship, and I thought it was an appealing episode, I didn't think it added enough to the relationship to justify including it.

Still, a good many readers have emailed me or left reviews or posts in forums saying they were sorry when they finished Eyes that the story was over. So it occurred to me to offer the Latimer Chapter as a download for readers who might like one more peek into the life of Cord and Anne Bennett.

So, download for Kindle here. Or download a pdf file you can open on your computer here.

The original editions of Sing My Name didn't include the Epilog because I was ambivalent about whether the story needed it, so I made it available for download here. Later, I did add it to the ebook, but if you have a version of Sing that doesn't include Matt and Sarah's last encounter with Carter McCauley, you can download the version for Kindle here, or you can download a pdf here.

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