A Grand Race (Sutton Family 3)

Caroline Tindell arrives in St. Louis for the thousand-mile 1905 Great Plains Automobile Race expecting a comfortable ride in her cousin’s Pierce Great Arrow. Instead, she endures an unsettling encounter with the rogue who broke her heart six years ago, a seat in the back of the automobile with the luggage, and long moments of terror when the speeding Arrow breaks down and plunges off the road.

Jamie Lenahan’s brief conversation with Caroline near the start line of the race evokes haunting memories of the girl he loved, lost, and never quite stopped loving. At least since her cousin roared off among the pacesetters, Caroline will be safely out of sight, if not out of mind, for the rest of the race.

Caroline is not out of sight, however. There she is, sitting stranded by the side of the road after a nasty accident. What can a man do except stop and offer her a ride?

Read an excerpt here.


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